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Welcome to the A1 Tuning website. Contained within this site is an extensive knowledge base of all things home theatre. This website is dedicated to providing you with honest, unbiased advice relating to DVD and blu-ray players, surround sound systems, amplifiers, 3D LED LCD, LCD and plasma televisions and those "must have" tech gadgets.

If you are experiencing trouble while connecting, setting up or installing your surround sound system, LCD, 3D LED LCD, plasma or CRT television, digital set top box, VCR, DVD player / recorder, blu-ray player, TiVo or Foxtel IQ, please e-mail us for advice. We are happy to help.


Latest news:

3D Television Is Here!
Samsung are leading the home theatre 3D revolution with their Series 8 3D LED LCD television range now released.
If you haven't seen a Samsung 3D LED TV in action before we strongly recommend heading down to your nearest home theatre store for a demonstration. Watching 3D content on this magnificent televion will blow you away!


This makes the Samsung LED LCD TV one of the most compact televisions on the market. The TV also features a web browser and Skype making browsing the internet and chatting to your friends and family a breeze.

Maximum power consumption is an incredibly low 160W making the Samung LED LCD TV one of the most energy efficient 3D televisions on the market.

With prices low and more and more 3D content being released by the day now is the time to buy!