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Make Your Timber Feature Wall Shine

Many innovative designs are the result of imagination. Thinking that any and every invention was a product of someone’s thoughts, the brain sustains its reputation of not just being a powerhouse of ideas, but as a mirror. As it projects its attempt to interpret every inspiration it receives through creativity, mental growth like this becomes worthy of getting shared.

Putting these ideas into reality requires nothing else but the resources and the imagination and will to put them together. Mass production of just about anything has become the norm and we are now facing consequences of this. A timber feature wall is one of those ideas that is perfect and would become a highlight for every room, stairway, or hallway

1. For The Bedroom
To create a change in the bedroom’s vibe so that it’s full of positive energy, adopt a light theme. A bedroom is a place where people recharge. So, the hues of a timber feature wall should match this energy. 

White painted walls and drawing curtains apart to give way for the light to enter and linger efficiently in the bedroom further add to this energy. These and other sources of light such as lamps, chandeliers, and downlights balance the lighting in the room. Now that your room has sufficient lighting you can begin to install your Timber wall. Using high-quality wood results in a bright finish, this can be improved further with a light coat of Furniture Oil to highlight the natural feature of the wood.

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2. For The Living Room
A featured wall for the living room serves as a focal point for entertaining guests and as a conversation starter. Go for an entire timber wall if you’re feeling bold but make sure you balance it with appropriate home decor. It could benefit too from lighting if you have high windows in place. A timber feature wall is worth investing in. Don’t hesitate in letting it cover your walls from the ceiling to the floor. Embrace this bold move of uniqueness and expression to boost your confidence each time you leave the house or come home after a long day of work. 

3. For The Dining Room
As we all know, there’s more to eating food while seated at the dining table. Here, you connect with everybody seated with you. You share more than a meal as you embrace the bond created at every request for somebody to pass the salt, for every plate that has to get refilled you are interacting with your guests and forming emotional bonds. What better backdrop for these encounters than a beautiful, unique Timber feature wall. For the kitchen, a more subtle aesthetic would be recommended, use wood with a natural light tone and deep grain. To achieve the desired color or tone, you can always apply a Dark brown wood polish or a similar finish.

People have always strived to improve their homes aesthetics before even considering living in it. But as the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, the functions of a house instantly changed, now becoming an office and a school classroom. This has provided designers new avenues to reach consumers. Nobody wants to work or learn in a dull environment so designers have identified this gap in the market and recognized that the inclusion of a timber feature wall in the home could go a long way to improving work and life balance in the home. 

Innovation often stems from the depths of imagination, where every invention is a manifestation of someone’s creative thoughts. As the brain interprets inspirations through creativity, mental growth becomes a shared endeavor, a reflection of the imaginative power within us.

Turning these imaginative ideas into reality requires both resources and the will to bring them to life. Amidst the mass production culture, where consequences are increasingly evident, a timber feature wall stands out as a perfect idea. It becomes a highlight for every space, be it a room, stairway, or hallway. With brick manufacturers in Australia offering options like thin brick the possibilities for creating stunning timber walls are endless. These walls not only elevate the aesthetics of a space but also provide a unique touch that reflects individuality and expression, adding confidence and charm to any home environment.