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New Tech Used In Hotels

For the longest time, hotels, motels and other similar establishments played a very clear role in our lives; they were places of relaxation and escape. However, most people know, that this industry has grown a lot in the last few years and, in terms of technology, has expanded on a huge level. Hotels no longer offer a simple room to stay in – they offer a unique experience. 

These businesses are becoming booming activity hubs. Most of these activities rely on technology; making IT an important aspect of the hotels offering. 


Self-service has never gotten out of fashion; it is always on-trend. A lot of guests prefer technology over any human communication for easy tasks. Check-out and check-in options with remotes are becoming quite popular and several hotels are starting to toil with the idea of an app. There are several apps on the market that lets guests order room service through their smart-phones. Many of the guests’ request could be filled using precise technology. This also decreases the burden on the hotel staff, allowing them to look after any other tasks that need to be done. These trends are here to stay – so get on board. 


There was a time when guests would use the phones provided in the hotel rooms. But as technology has become better and more convenient, mobiles have taken over vastly. But this doesn’t mean room phones are of no use, in today’s world they can be used to communicate for free with the staff, for a better technology experience.

Room phones can now be connected to any of the guests’ own devices. Guests can use this as a remote to control the TV or a sound system, if available, and for various other services.


Some hotels offer their own neatly designed mobile app for guests. I tried one once that combined all the services; from notifications, hotel services and anything else we needed to get done. Most of the popular hotels have been implementing this already, but the quality of these apps vary.


Guests almost always carry all of their electronic devices with them. From smart-phones (and phone accessories) to tablets to laptops, they bring it all when travelling. Since they have all these devices, they rely heavily on the hotels’ bandwidth. That’s why it’s really important to have good wifi at your hotel. Make sure it’s strong too – so that you can accommodate for hundreds (or even thousands!) of devices at once. 


This technology is still in its formative years, but the proposition is massive. Being able to know where the guests (and the hotel staff) are situated opens a world of opportunity. It makes it easy to track the guests’ activity and improve their experience during their stay. It can also be used to improve staff experience and schedule. 


Tech lounge is a place where the guests can use Wi-Fi to get their work done, somewhere separate from their room. You can also use these lounges to network. Last time I was in a place like this, I met a YouTuber that does videos about DIY pop sockets! This technology seems to grow every year and almost every savvy hotel business now have a space like this. Basically it is just a stylish place where the guests can work in peace. 


These days meetings are no longer simply about having a table and chairs. These days modern meetings all happen around technology. 

Most business people require technology for making presentations and video conferences work well. In addition, some meetings require people to call in from overseas via Skype, for example. Business guests are progressively asking for more advanced technology in event and ballrooms – so make sure you offer the right technology options. 


Guests always have much to say about their experience staying at your hotel, but they want to do it discreetly. In a world where words and online reviews have more weight, a lot of hotels invest in social listening tools. These tools allow hotels to learn about the guest’s needs, wants, complaints and more. A few even help you keep an eye on your competitors.

So there you go! Those are some of the most popular technologies used in the hotel industry right now. But, there is a lot to come in the next few years, so keep an eye out for new developments.