What You Need To Know When Starting Your Own Beauty Business

With more and more women are becoming entrepreneurs and starting their own businesses, the #girlboss inspo is stronger than ever. And I’m not just talking about the big luxury salons like Myer Beauty – I’m talking about the small businesses too.

Seeing so many successful women might inspire you to start a business of our own? What could be better than running your own business?!

In this article, we’re going to talk about starting your own beauty business, specifically. But the concepts can apply to any kind of business. It’s completely up to you what you take out of it.

A good opportunity.

The beauty industry is booming right now. Not to mention, freelancers, influencers and bloggers are on the lookout for salons that could instantly put a glam on their faces for having to be on social media constantly. 

Are you are the kind of person who loves makeovers, or who like giving your friends’ makeovers? Do you feel passionate about doing other people’s make-up for prom, weddings, or even just to let time pass? If the answer is yes – starting a beauty business may not be such a bad idea.

But there are basic steps you may need to tick off your checklist before you can expect to earn any money from it.

Here is what you may need to know when starting your own beauty biz:

Get yourself qualified.

Treat your business like a good investment. It’s important to get educated, not only of the dos and don’ts of having a business, but also the right way of dealing with people. While you might tell yourself that you know everything about beauty – “so what’s the need for this?” – think again. Being certified or having enough credentials are always a plus. Also, having the right qualifications is the only way clients, especially walk-ins, would find you trustworthy.

Be aware of the legalities.

“Ignorance of the law excuses no one.” Understand that you have to at least know the basic laws that relate to your business idea. Starting up a business – no matter in what sector – always involves basics like business registration, taxes, customs (if you have to import resources) and operational license.

Build your brand.

After you’ve earned your qualifications and studied all the necessary legalities, you are now ready to put your thinking cap on. It’s time to figure out what type of beauty business you want to start. Here are some points that could guide you in coming up with a decision:

  1. What type of beauty services are you particularly passionate about? Hairstyling? Make-up? Nail polish? Hair removal? Whatever it is, work around it and gather resources.
  2. Would you rather work alone? Or with a team?
  3. Would you consider a permanent location? Or you want to go mobile with your services?

Target specific clients.

Start by assessing yourself and thinking about what services make you feel beautiful. I love blow wave curls, for example, so if I were to start a business I would focus on that! When you’re all glammed up, it feels that you can accomplish anything, right? Then perhaps you might want that energy to be the vision of your beauty business… to empower women by making them feel more than presentable. In that way, you could specify the services you can be made available to hook your clients. 

Let’s say your location will be within an urban district. Then most likely, you’d be catering to fast-paced employees who may prefer speedy manicure or speedy upper back massage which they could avail in between their brakes. Then, you may have that in a promotion. It can go something like, “Get our 15-minute-in-between-break upper back massage while we do your pedicure for just $30 and get a $5 off if you feel like coming back again.” With this statement, who wouldn’t get hooked? 

On the other hand, if you and your team would prefer not to pay rent, that you’d rather be an on-the-move type, you may narrow down to servicing only entourages. For example, you and your team could do out-of-town make-up for specifically, wedding entourages. Imagine those 3-day weddings? Yes, you may be booked for 3-days straight by just one client. So, invest in a make-up truck where you can lounge as you do business.

With all of these services you’ve made available, it’s important to maintain professionalism by being punctual, doing quality work and using top quality products. This is a no-brainer. All businessmen and women should know this regardless of whatever business you are into.

Establish your brand.

Represent. Establish your name and brand with the services that you give. By the consumer-based client threshold that you would slowly gather because of years in business, it’s no surprise they’d be recommending your services depending on how they felt when they came to your salon. Remember, your product is making people beautiful. So, any compliment would directly lead to you. 

Common dialogue would be, “Wow! Your make up is so pretty!”,

…to which the friend might reply:

“Oh, I just went to this salon. I told them what I wanted and voila! They exceeded my expectations by not only complying with what I wanted to be done, but they chose the right style for me.”

So, that’s pretty very simple. But if that person availed more than that, then she’ll be talking more about you and your services. Do you see the networking capacity of client recommendations? This never fails.

So, just get honest work done and the clients will find you.

Now that we have the basics down, you should be off to a pretty good start. Of course, one way or another, you’ll stumble into a struggle. Managing your own business is no walk in the park. But the fact that you’re reading this means you’re doing your research. Planning is the most important. And researching is the core of planning. So kudos to you and may this post help you out.

Good luck with your business!