Making internet access easier for senior citizens

The ease of tasks as a result of the internet is one of the reasons why it can act as another aid for senior citizens. Let us admit that their age is one of the reasons they may not be able to keep up with the daily chores of their house, let alone going outside to pay electricity bills and purchasing items.
Some people might go out often, but the ones who feel like doing stuff from their home, avoiding long queues and crowded places should be considered when it comes to education surrounding the internet. Their comfort in using the internet can help them deal with daily problems in their life.
A few advantages include that they can meet people online, watch movies, watch youtube videos and can find solutions to their daily problems.

Low rate internet services

It is already hard for someone who is not even used to cellphones to accept something as complex as the internet. So one way to convince senior citizens of the benefits includes that they don’t have to spend a fortune on it and that it is available at low rates. The benefits they can get out of the internet doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be economical.

Easy to use directions

Whenever you install a new application, you get a guide to use the platform along with the clicks you need to make. Well, that is the best way to introduce anything new to senior citizens. This can help them if they have any memory problems, as they can refer back to a set guide. If we can get confused at times about things like volume buttons, when we are so used to technology, the people who are new to this surely need more help than us. Education support officers may be able to assist the elderly.

It is all about touch screens

Touch screens make everything easier. Tablets deal with small font problems pretty well, and they almost look like laptops. They can be taken anywhere. The more they are used, the more the elderly get used to them, making it an easier job for them to be at home with gadgets like this.

Jargon everywhere

What catches anyone off-guard is technical talk that people aren’t familiar with. Either find a way to make them understand things in a simple language, or you might try to introduce them to technical terms used for specific things they need to do on the internet. Education support workers can assist in identifying courses or classes to take.

It all begins with an email address. Once you create this, you can use it anywhere and everywhere. For passwords, you may use biometrics, like a fingerprint scanner to make the ‘remembering the password’ problem go away. Using other applications becomes easy once you are through explaining the email address step.

Terms like URL and social media handles should be used as often as possible so that when they use the internet, they find it familiar.
In the beginning, you may think that you might have to adjust to a lot, but as you start using internet services, you just forget why you were hesitant in the first place.

Making internet access easier for older adults is not a simple task. Even when a person is a keen learner, technology keeps changing, and that is why things become more challenging. The person you are teaching is already stepping into something unfamiliar, and so there is still a lot to learn, beginning with the basics. Making use of the simplest features of google like voice and touch features can be the ultimate answer to overcoming problems for the elderly.